Ankunda Matsiko


The law is not to be used as a tool of oppression but as an instrument to deliver justice. This is my belief and how I approach my career as an immigration adviser and my political service as a councillor serving the Sherwood Ward of Nottingham City.

It has been incredibly painful to walk alongside those who have faced oppression within all these spheres. And it is pure joy to witness them achieve the justice they deserve; whether an employment, immigration, police or other matter.

It’s time for this ethos and hard work to be demonstrated further within Labour party policy for us to win the trust and confidence to lead this nation where all are valued no matter creed, colour and/or name.

Within the past few years, including recent changes to the Party rule book, our record on equalities has resulted in disillusionment. Equalities is equalities, simple as that. They should not be played against each other or dismissed whenever alleged with the can passed from pillar to post. Therefore, I am standing for the BAME NEC position to provide professional experience to renew and empower all.

I’m proud to be endorsed by Momentum.

Twitter: @_Ankunda