Yasmine Dar


I’m standing for re-election to the NEC, to continue as a strong voice defending grassroots members, the lifeblood of our Party.

On the NEC I have:

  • Been a strong supporter of popular, transformative economic policies and an internationalist foreign policy for peace, justice, and human rights.
  • Pushed for greater democracy, the long overdue publication of the Forde report and dynamic, inclusive equalities structures.
  • Fought for transparent, fair disciplinary processes based on natural justice.
  • Supported more say for grassroots members, including the right to select the candidates we want.

My experiences as a BAME woman, a social worker, anti-racist activist, and Councillor have shaped my socialism and fuelled my determination to fight for a transformative Labour government. As the cost of living and inequalities soar and the devastating impact of Covid continues, it is time to step up our campaign against this vicious government. I support campaigns such as Black Lives Matter, a Green New Deal as well as maintaining a strong commitment to anti-war activism.

I am proud to be supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, Momentum, and Campaign for Labour Party Democracy. Please also support Mish Rahman, Jess Barnard and Gemma Bolton.

Twitter: @Yasmine_Dar