Lara McNeill


I’m incredibly proud to work as a doctor and I have been on the frontline since the pandemic started. Yet while my colleagues and I were working ourselves to burnout, the Tories partied in Downing Street. As young people, we have not only suffered during the pandemic, but the cost of living crisis continues unabated and over a decade of Conservative rule has left our future in limbo. The Labour Party should be the home of any young person wanting to change the world for the better. Yet the establishment of our Party has shown that it sees our organisation as an inconvenience rather than an avenue to guide and embolden the hearts and minds of young people seeking to change their workplaces and communities. Representatives like me are fighting to hold onto our proudest traditions to ensure that when we take power, we change young peoples’ lives for good. If re-elected you can trust my politics and my experience to build a Labour Party that looks outward into our communities and internationally, building that solidarity where young people need it the most. I’m proud to be standing with the support of Momentum to fight for a socialist future.

Twitter: @lara_eleanor